Flag on the Play: Unnecessary Shortage of Beer

I make it to a pub about twice a month. Odd for a beer blogger, I know, but there it is. So generally I try to make the trip count. Last night, I made it down to the Widmer Gasthaus to try the new Collaborator beer--CXI, made with loaves of pumpernickel. I live a lot closer to It's a Beautiful Pizza, where this beer is purportedly also pouring, but I wasn't taking any chances. Go to the source: go to the brewery.

The very nice waitress took my order and I settled in with the Blazers game playing overhead. A few minutes later, she returned. CXI was not available, nor would it be all evening. (?) Chagrined and mystified, I ordered an alt. Nice beer, but I've had it dozens of times. So what gives? Why is a beer, barely out a week, not available at the brewery that produced it? And I was even considering a growler!

Already cultivating an old man's propensity toward crankiness, this kind of thing is no benefit.

The universal symbol of a dead tap.

Update. Widmer just tweeted that Collaborator is back on tap. (Fat lot of good it does me.)
Jeff Alworth4 Comments