Ten Best Beers?

[Importante! Whoops, boneheaded error. As Stan notes, the section I describe is called "Top Ten Designer Beers, which McFarland describes thus: "Greater than the sum of their parts, these key global beers are design classics, amalgamating delicious beer, iconic bottle design, distinctive packaging, unmistakable labels, and devilish good looks." So that explains the Grolsch!]

I was reading through Ben McFarland's World's Best Beers--which I promise to review next week. One bit I missed earlier is his list of the world's ten best beers. I understand what a seductive opportunity listing your fave beers is: with an internationally-released survey of the world's beers, McFarland had the chance to influence thousands. Personally, I wouldn't have done it. Give me fifty--maybe. You'll see when I reproduce thelist the dangers: McFarland selected some unworthy beers and omitted many classics. But credit him with this--he's given us something to discuss.

1. Deus Brut des Flanders
2. Grolsch
3. Adnams Explorer
4. Kwak
5. Liefmans Kriek
6. St. Peter's Honey Porter
7. Orval
8. Delerium Tremens
9. Rogue Old Crustacean
10. Boston Brewing Utopias

Your thoughts?
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