Rivergate Brewing - New North Portland Brewpub?

An emailar (whom I'm happy to credit if he wishes) just sent this in:
I live up in North Portland and came across a new sign over the weekend in a part of town sorely in need of a good beer bar or brewpub. It looks like the place is going to be called the North End Pub by Rivergate Brewing. A quick internet search turned up nothing, but maybe you can provide better insight from your contacts. The sign appeared above the space formerly occupied by Pietro's Pizza, then Big Daddy's BBQ and most recently by Sliders Bar and Grill (a lot of turn over - let's hope a brewpub has more staying power). It is located at 3011 N. Lombard (the corner of N. Lombard and N. Peninsular) across from a Walgreen's, King Burrito and a pawn shop - like I said, an area in need of a brewpub. It's a large space that should work well for a brewpub, but definitely needs some work as it has been empty for a year or so.
Anyone know anything about it?