Don't Call Them "Boutique" Beers, Please

This is terrible:
Boutique beers are the new cocktail as more money-conscious Americans choose cheaper high quality draft beers made by small local breweries over wine and spirits amid the country's recession, experts say.
Methinks Reuters' Edith Honan should have asked these "experts" whether they think the term "boutique beer" is what this industry produces. In fact, if you want to have some sense of what's wrong with journalism these days, you could do well to read this article, which isn't bad so much as it is just useless and recycled. I particularly like that she relies on the insights of a French bistro owner--who offered this quote:
"I wouldn't say that (beer) has the same complexity (as wine), but it's not supposed to," said Saillard, who is French. "It's unpretentious. You don't need to know the grape."
If Honan writes an article about bicyclists next, I hope she gets the thoughts of someone from the Hummer Club. Oy.

Okay, off to brew the grisette.