Self-Distribution Law Changed

How did I miss this? Apparently Pelican Brewery's Darron Welch managed to push through a big change to the distribution laws. Now brewpubs can self-distribute if they brew less than 5,000 barrels. It was HB 2611, and it passed both the House and Senate unanimously before being signed by Governor Kulongoski. A second bill, which also passed unanimously, has something to do with insurance at special events--and is way to insidery for me to comprehend. Perhaps someone will know more.

The tip comes from Angelo, who has another one of his big interviews posted at Brewpublic with Darron Welch. (In case you missed it, co-blogger Margaret recently posted a two-parter with Deschutes' Larry Sidor. Part 1 and part 2. Good readin'.)

Oh, I meant to add this before I hit "publish post." Although Welch seems to indicate that we still won't be seeing a lot of Pelican here in the Rose City, seems like this does open up the possibility of a few off-season deliveries. Pelican is currently getting slammed and will be throughout the summer. But come the cold and rain, the tourists will stop visiting and the brewery will have some capacity. I would like to appeal to Pelican, right here and right now, to send a few kegs of the Doryman and Tsunami this way to help me get through the winter. Give it some thought.