Weekend Best Bet

And now for something completely different. Usually I try to direct your attention to a variety of beers that interest me on the assumption that you might find yourself in a number of different pubs. Today I'm going to highlight a single beer, and one that won't even be pouring until 4:30 on Sunday. That's when Lauren Salazar will be at the Green Dragon along with four beers from New Belgium. And among the beers that interest me is Dandelion Ale.

Dandelions are an old-fashioned botanical most closely associated with wine. In this case, New Belgium has augmented a low-hopped beer with fresh dandelion greens and grains of paradise. And it's a hefty beer, too, at 7.8%. Sounds tres Belgique.
New Belgium Tasting at the Green Dragon
4:30pm, Sunday
928 S.E. Ninth Ave.