Vaporizer Release

This has been fairly well-covered already, but just a head's up: Double Mountain will be releasing a new beer at EastBurn tomorrow night. It's called Vaporizer, a dry-hopped "Golden IPA." You may ask, "Aren't most IPAs golden, more or less?" Apparently this one is more so--it's made solely with organic pilsner malt. It weighs in at 6% and has 60 IBUs.

Now, while you might have gotten that info at just any blog, we here at Beervana try to offer a little added value. To wit: I asked Charlie Devereux, who will be at EastBurn to introduce the beer, whether it was brewed with just Challenger hops, the only one cited in the press release. No: "There are some Brewers Gold in the bittering quotient, but otherwise it's all US Challengers, including lots in dry-hopping." Also, as to which yeast they used, it is the standard house yeast, which isn't particularly standard. Care to guess what they use? Hint: you can get it at Wyeast.
Double Mountain Vaporizer Release
5pm Wednesday, June 3
The EastBurn, 1800 E. Burnside