More Tech

I seem to be running a mini-theme week on technology here--Beer Signal, beer bikes, and now beer pouches. However, while I endorse the first two, this just seems lame:
Using what is called “organoleptic film structure”, the CarboPouch by the Beverage Pouch Group boasts that the taste of the beer will be unchanged, and that it will retain all the properties it needs to remain fresh. Designed primarily for “artisan” (love that word) beer makers, it would allow them to quickly sell beer to go. Living in one of the MicroBrew capitals of the US, I wonder when I’ll see these pop up in Portland. The shape alone could provide for some entertaining scenarios. Have them up your sleeve or dangling outta your pants, it would be easy to sneak these into venues and such.
I believe that old-school "bottle" tech is doing us just fine. If you really want to go light-weight and high-tech, pick up a sixer of Caldera in cans. But the pouches ... no.