Mark Your Calendars: Organic Beer Fest This Weekend

I will get to a preview probably tomorrow, but I wanted to bookmark this event in your minds. (Meant to do it earlier in the week, in fact.) I missed last year's edition, but the event two years ago was a high-water mark in terms of overall quality and consistency of beer. I'm looking forward with great anticipation to the weekend.
North American Organic Beer Festival
Overlook Park, Portland
Fri 12-9pm
Sat 12-9pm
Sun 12-5pm

Admission is free, compostable mugs $6, tickets for a 4-ounce taster pour $1. Children are welcome with guardian. Bring 3 cans of (preferably organic) food as a donation to the Oregon Food Bank and get $1 off the mug price.
Make a note of it--
Jeff Alworth2 Comments