The blogosphere is an organism, and it functions best when all the parts are working together. In the last couple days, I've had posts that produced comments like:
"Come on, I posted a link to that weeks ago when we had this discussion."
"I think Angelo has blogged the $2 tuesdays [at Eastburn] at least twice. And I twitter it atleast every week."
"You should read It's Pub Night more carefully ;-). I blogged about the $2 @eastburn pints in Feb."
I have been remiss. In atonement, I will show a little link love. Please bail me out by following the links that interest you. In the blogosphere, nothing's nicer than a little extra traffic.
  • Derek, for example, has a review of the much-hyped John John Dead Guy--Rogue's flagship aged in Dead Guy Whiskey barrels. (Dead Guy Whiskey is made from a wort of Dead Guy ale, which makes this a slightly incestuous beer.) I find his review highly plausible.
  • Corey taps a firkin. He hopes the act will get people more interested in cask beer. Fair enough, but I was already interested.
Oh, and hey, did anyone hear that Eastburn has $2 pints on Tuesdays?