Hopworks is Your Winner

Via Twitter, Brian alerts us that the winner of the Cheers to Belgian Beers Fest (and his blog post on the matter): Hopworks, with their impressive Dubbel Suplex. I'm quite pleased with this selection--it was one of four beers I thought was distinguished and worthy of winning. I don't wish to ruffle feathers, but suffice it to say that last year's winner, the Lucky Lab, was not in my top echelon. Hopworks deserved it.

Top Ten finishers (alpha order):
  • Astoria Brewing Co.’s-Avante Guarde Akloo(say it with a French accent)
  • Deschutes Brewery & Public House Bend La Fleur
  • Deschutes Brewery Portland Pub Streaking the Quad
  • Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom Ingelmonster-Barrel Fermented
  • Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom Ingelmonster
  • Fort George Brewing Co. XVIth Chapel
  • Lucky Labrador Brewing Co. Beljamin
  • Pyramid Breweries Smooth Operator
  • Roots Organic Brewing Co. Feudal Surfer
  • Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. Forever and a Day Trippel
Two passing thoughts upon seeing the winners:
  • Could it be that Corey Blodgett's excellent Zen Lunatic didn't win because drinkers, disrespecting the McMenamin's brand, didn't try it? My only disappointment is not seeing it among the winners.
  • Half the top five were dark beers, half were light.
As winner, Hopworks may host next year, select the yeast strain, and also select the benefiting charity. I would say now is the time to begin lobbying them on the yeast strain. Say it with me now: Saison, saison, saison!