Upright Brewing

Angelo has a great interview with Alex Ganum, whose Upright Brewing will be up and running by the end of the month. To jog your memory, this is the place that will be located in the Left Bank building, right in the fork in the street where Weidler and Broadway split. Ganum is a Belgian fan, and his beers will deviate from the standard NW style--fantastic news for those of us who like variety. You should read the whole interview for bits that may interest you, but this passage was the part that caught my eye:
Do you plan on having a flagship beer?

AG: It’s safe to say that in Portland the hoppiest one will probably become the flagship although it would make me smile if our more sessionable wheat beer became the most popular as I plan to promote flavorful beers that aren’t too high in alcohol.

What is the first beer you are planning on making?

AG: The first brew will be the a variation of the aforementioned wheat beer that will be matured on cherries in used pinot noir barrels. After that we’ll start production of our four standard year-round beers along with single batches of a redwood smoked lager, a traditional old ale and perhaps a farmhouse inspired gruit.
He also talks about the particulars of the brewery and his inspirations and interests. Go read it at Brewpublic.
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