Honest Pint Bill in the Oregon Legislature?

I had gotten wind of a possible legislative remedy to the Honest Pint Project a few weeks ago. Ostrich-like, I hid out. Well, looks like it may be coming down the pike. HB 3122 is an effort very much in accord with the goals of the HPP. Some of the salient language (emphasis mine):

Allows holder of full on-premises sales license or limited on-premises sales license to obtain verification of capacity of pint glasses used at licensed premises for draught malt beverages. Allows holder to obtain display sticker from Oregon Liquor Control Commission if glasses at premises hold pint of malt beverage under standard conditions....

SECTION 2. { + (1) If the Director of Human Services ... determines, based on a random sampling of the glasses, that the glasses used at the premises hold at least 16 fluid ounces of draught malt beverage when dispensed under standard conditions established by the director, the director shall provide the holder of the license with written verification of the measurement....

(3) The Oregon Liquor Control Commission shall design a decal that features the words 'honest pint' for display at qualifying premises.... Upon receiving a valid measurement verification, the commission shall issue the holder an 'honest pint' decal for display at the licensed premises where the director conducted the measurement verification.

For what it's worth, I've slowly been trying to get my project in order. I have designed an official decal, but haven't got it reproduced. I had hoped to do that this week, and still plan to--since I would love to take the project national, state statutes and official decals won't be usuable outside Oregon, anyway. I'm also finishing up a Facebook page, which I've been delaying until the decal is complete. Now I'll have to consider the prospect of a concurrent state initiative.

I am slightly spooked to think that this thing has gotten this far. So strange.