Bravo to Hot Lips Pizza!

[The post has been updated.]

A wonderful surprise arrived in my email account a couple days ago. Behold the very first fully authenticated Purveyor of an Honest Pint: Hot Lips Pizza. In accordance with the certification process, Hot Lips has sent in a photo with the glass, the amount of beer poured out of that glass, and a clearly-recognizeable shot of the establishment:

It's worth noting that Hot Lips has a great taplist. I work a couple blocks from the downtown outlet, and though they only have a half-dozen taps, they're extremely well-selected.
  • SE Hawthorne at 22nd
  • Downtown/PSU, SW 6th and Hall
  • Pearl District, NW 10th and Irving
  • Civic, SW 18th and Morrison
  • 33rd & Killingsworth
Go forth and patronize this Certified Purveyor of an Honest Pint!

Update. My able web professional SM has updated the official website for the Honest Pint Project. As I get officially certified pubs online, I'll include the certifying photograph on the site, as is the case with Hot Lips. These photos serve as authentication in the case a certification is ever contested.