Beer Drinkers Lose in the Mountain West

Two bits of news from Colorado and Utah today--both setbacks for beer fans. The first is a triumph of liquor-store owners over consumers.
Convenience stores and supermarkets in Colorado won't be allowed to sell full-strength beer following protests by liquor store owners, who said a proposed law change could drive many of them out of business....

Right now, convenience stores and supermarkets are largely limited to selling 3.2 percent beer, but they say sales have tanked since liquor stores started staying open on Sundays under a law passed last year.
In Utah, another bizarre law was protected by the state Senate, who shot down a proposal to allow stronger beer.

The Utah Senate has decided against allowing the sale of full-strength draft beer in bars and restaurants. Currently, draft beer sold in Utah can contain no more than 3.2 percent alcohol by weight, or 4 percent by volume.

A bill to lift the cap was approved 58-2 in the House. But on Thursday, the last day of the session, the Senate decided not to debate the measure and to go home early instead.
Ah Utah, what a place. Having lived there for 2 1/2 unpleasant years, I am reminded of why I shot, bullet-like, from its sharia draconianism, the first chance I got. But I pity those not of the "dominant culture" who remain, trying to choke down 4% IPAs.