Sasquatch Returns

In the era before Pliny the Elder (BPE), there was Sasquatch Strong Ale. Brewed by Glen Falconer at the now-defunct Wild Duck Brewpub in Eugene, this was one of the first of the extreme beers to gain widespread following among Northwest hopheads. Wild Duck opened in 1996, so Sasquatch must date back at least a decade. Glen died in 2002, and this glorious beer's legend has mainly lived on in the form of the annual Sasquatch Brewfest in Eugene (in June the fest turns six). So it was with some shock that I read this news, from Hopworks:
Beer Release - Sasquatch Strong Ale
On Tap Tuesday, February 3

This America Strong Ale was brewed in collaboration with the Eugene area brewers to celebrate the life of our fallen brewing brother Glen Falconer, otherwise known as the “Sasquatch.” The recipe was his flagship brew during his career at the Wild Duck Brewpub in Eugene, Oregon.

Sasquatch has a deep mahogany color and a body that is toasty-sweet. Outrageous quantities of (Willamette, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and Saaz) hops give an incredibly rich and complex herbal flavor and crisp bitterness that remind you that this is “beer.”

17.5 Deg Plato OG 6.9% ABV 65 IBU

Hopworks will contribute 10% of the proceeds from the sales of Sasquatch Strong Ale to the Sasquatch Legacy Project, a non-profit which raises money to send deserving brewers to brewing school.

Holy moly! I figure a trip to Powell Boulevard is in my near future.
Jeff Alworth2 Comments