Lucky Beer

By the way, the beer that bullied Laughing Buddha into forsaking their name is an industrial Australian company whose product is pretty culturally insensitive. Behold:
"It’s an Asian influenced lager style, but it was born in Australia (the ‘Lucky Country’). It is at home in city bars, but lives all over the world. It also offers a truly unique proposition to everyone who comes into contact with it – share the good fortune.

"Rubbing Buddha’s tummy brings Good Luck!"
Buddha images are regularly appropriated for all kinds of things. For the most part, the appropriations are well-intentioned, as I took Laughing Buddha's to be. This, however, is a modern incarnation of Sambo's. It's a crass attempt to cash in on the ignorant misappropriation of a cultural/religious symbol. In substantial sections of the world, it will be held as offensive. The brewery couldn't care less about the Buddha except as a vaguely-transgressive marketing tool that tested well with young urban professionals who frequent night clubs. Pinheads.
Jeff Alworthrant17 Comments