I should be quick to promote the mention of this blog in a regional magazine. Particularly one in which the phrase 'near poetic descriptions' appears. Unfortunately, my face also appears in this magazine, and here's where we run into trouble. By way of explanation, I offer this advice should you ever find yourself in a professional photo shoot:

1. If the photographer tells you to tip your hat back so there are no shadows on your face, don't do it. Either demand the shadows or take off the hat. As you can see, tippng the hat back makes you look like a twit.

2. If the photographer tells you to smile, smile. If you refuse to, a game will ensue in which he attempts to get you to smile, telling you really, really bad jokes about Celine Dion. You end up with a swallowed half-smile and look like a twit. Even a fake smile would have been better than this.

3. If the magazine is paying, you might as well pound the beers. It will aid you in #2.

4. If the magazine gives you the option not to do the photo shoot and you look like me, graciously accept the offer.

For the record, we shot this picture in the Horse Brass. Also, Sunset--I should confirm that I'm talking about Sunset Magazine here--did buy the beer, and we tried a Bluebird Bitter, Trumer Pils, and a stout of garbled provenance. The waitress mumbled the name of the stout she brought--'swmlmmsbbt stout,' it sounded like--but it was thick and meaty and tasty. It appears in front of me and is clearly the only un-silly thing in the photograph. The hat in question bears the Blazers swirly logo. I would have looked cool with it on my head naturally and my face shrouded by the forgiving gauze of darkness.

[Update: Another picture for comparison. You see, it's not easy to improve things when you're starting with this mug.]