Recession and Beer

It occurred to me, only well after the fact, that I may have committed a causal fallacy. When I visited Max's Fanno Creek two Fridays ago and found the crowd wanting, I blamed it on West Side beer culture. It was only as I listened to the news of massive layoffs last week--including a thousand Oregonians Intel plans to lay off--that it dawned on me that we might be looking at the first signs of recession hitting the beer market.

I plan to delve a bit more into this possibility in the coming week. By way of adding to the conversation, what evidence are you feeling/seeing? Economists say the recession will last throughout the year, and the recovery, when it starts in 2010, probably won't produce an instant recovery among damaged industries. It may be instructive to try to find a few key indices now and follow them over the next 18 months.

Your thoughts?