Every now and again the British beer blogger Stonch (actual name Jeff, no word on whether he's a Sox fan) and the Good Beer Blog (Canada) host a photo contest. It usually produces some lovely photos, and I suppose I should point them out. Since we have Portlandbeer.org, with Matt's extraordinary pictures, I guess I got lazy. But on Stonch's site today is this photo, which I regard as a great crime:

You see the problem, right? Leinenkugel?! I have nothing against the venerable (and now Miller-owned) Wisconsin brand, but in the shadow of the gorgeous Mt Hood (I think--you'll correct me if I'm wrong)? Apostasy. I eliminate it from competition due to poor composition.

By the way, have a look at one of Matt's shots. I'd kill to be able to take photos like this:

I don't know who's off to Fred's left, but in profile to his right you see Alan Sprints. Talk about composition! (Follow the link above for a larger version of this photo.) It's slightly grainy, suggestive of history, and Fred appears to be talking while others listen. Perfect. If Matt gets around to publishing a photo book of Oregon brewing, this iconic gem would tell future generations a lot.