An Amazing Scene

Angelo went to the Hair of the Dog dock sale and came away with fantastic pictures (including the requisite shot of a beer blogger in a Boston cap) and stories. One of those, "what if they held a beer sale and an improptu beer tasting of cellared beer from all over the world broke out?" deals.
The sun was a bit warmer and the life of the crowd was elevated to a higher level. A Surley Darkness made its way up the line from a guy named Theo. The generousity of the people was amazing. A table surfaced and was placed next to the Hip Chicks Do Wine building across the street. Several rare and interesting bottles appeared. Some notables included Upland Blackberry Lambic, Alpine Ichabod, Midnight Sun Berzerker, Terrapin Roggin Rye, Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout, Fred From the Wood, Heavy Weight Wee Whale (now defunct), 2005 Deschutes Mirror Mirror, Firestone Batch 1000, and even a Three Floyds Dark Lord. The generousity was uncanny to say the least. Before the doors opened to sell the Hair of the Dog brews, a beer fest had errupted outside
Looks like I missed a helluva time.