Happy Halloween!

So what will you be drinking tonight as you hand out bite-sized Snickers to the little ghouls and ghosts? Something warming on this dark, drizzly day? Something dark? Or perhaps you have plans to dress up as a ghoul yourself and go to an adult party, it being one of those rare Friday Halloweens. As for myself, I will be at a dinner party about which I know very little--except that it's not Halloween-themed. So in my stead, you must make merry and drink good beer.

Suggestions, in case you're making a beer run at one of the finer beer stores in town:
  • Moortgat's Duvel. Flemish for "the Devil." Alternates include other devilish beers like Lucifer or Russian River's Damnation--all in the Belgian golden vein.
  • Unibroue's Maudite. French for "the Damned." A unique spiced red ale.
  • Young's Old Nick, a barleywine with a very cool label of the debbil.
  • Wychwood's Hobgoblin (actually sort of a crappy, sugary beer if memory serves).
  • Anything by Fantome--French for "ghost."
  • And of course, local fave Dead Guy, or perhaps the new entrant BridgePort Raven Mad.
In any case--cheers.
Jeff AlworthHolidaysComment