GABF: Correction

Okay, I'm an idiot. After hitting "post" on the previous rant, it ocurred to me that the "win percentage" isn't really based on the number of breweries in the state, but the breweries who submitted beers. And guess what? There were 62 Colorado breweries at this year's GABF. That's a win percentage of 55%. Not shabby. But Oregon won 19 medals on 24 breweries.* That's a win percentage of 79%. A far better percentage. I'll update this post in a bit with some of the brewery entrants-per-medal win percentages to see how others fared.

It appears that my ranting all these years was based on poor assumptions. Whoops!

*It's actually fewer than that. They list two Full Sails, all the satellite Rogue breweries, and Redhook (now affiliated with Widmer). But for purposes of the calculation, I included all of them, since I don't know enough about Colorado breweries to do that kind of culling.
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