The Mind Boggles

Champagne of Blogs features of the more disturbring posts I've ever had the misfortune to stumble upon in recent memory. The title says it all--"chocolate-covered bacon"--but for pure shock value, little can match the pictures. Dave and Co. love their pork products, and they have no time for silly vegetarians. See "Bacon vs. Fake Bacon" as one example. (I for one am an avid enthusiast of protein isolate.)

(Also, Dave made a critical misstep in his selection of fake bacon: he went with something from Whole Foods. Big mistake. You have to go with people who know an love meat for a worthwhile facsimile. Boca fake meats, from Wisconsin--sausage capital of the US--is the best company, but they don't do bacon. Try Morningstar Farms instead--they're from Michigan. The makers of Dave's fake bacon are from Massachusetts and probably never liked meat in the first place.)

(It's true that very little of this post has anything to do with beer, but I justify it because the guy in the photo's holding an eisbock.)