Final Denver Thoughts

I missed this--last week, Charlie Papazian took exception to a NY Times piece: "In the story it speculates reasons why people aren’t partying up to expectations. Beer is never once mentioned."

Gee, I wonder why? Papazian inadvertently supplies the reason no one was talking about beer:
If Democratic National Convention attendees really wanted to socialize and celebrate responsibly, they should come back to see what celebrating good things can be like - the 27th Annual Great American Beer Festival, October 9-11.

Denver turns into Beer City for one magnificent week of celebrating the good things about beer with fun, social gatherings, food, more beer, celebrity beer tastings and much more beer. Besides all the offsite celebrating there’s the actual 3-day event taking place at the Colorado Convention Center.
The point I was trying to make during my visit there--and yes, I did a crappy job of exploration, and yes, I failed to visit even one brewpub--is just this: if you're the so-called "Napa of Beer," shouldn't it be Beer City for more than just one week? Hmmm....