Fall, Winter ... You Decide

The fall solstice was just yesterday (fun fact: on the fall and spring solstices, the sun rises directly in the east and sets directly in the west, so sayeth Matt Zafino), and already Deschutes is releasing Jubelale. I know Jubel's always the first winter ale to hit the streets, but maybe this is just a tetch early. Coupla thoughts:

1. It's not a bad opportunity to buy a sixer and throw it in the basement. Even if you don't want to age it for years, by the time the weather turns chill (forecast for the weekend--85), that winter ale will have lost its rough edges so as to be perfectly smooth and comforting. Of course, you could buy an extra sixer and save that for a year.

2. This year's label ain't bad. After last year's (mmm, how to say?) colorful edition, I find this one welcoming and seasonally-appropriate.

Jon points out that this is the 21st bottling of Jubel (it was the first beer Deschutes bottled), which makes this particular label more than the usual keepsake. For no other reason than I found them on line, I will also include a few other of the past Jubel labels below the jump. They had a good run from 1998-2000, didn't they?










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