Double Mountain Kriek

I made it back to Belmont Station for another round of Puckerfest last night, and although I don't have time to offer much in the way of reviews, I do want to mention Double Mountain's kriek. Fantastic. It was appropriately sour and had a wonderfully rich (Hood River?) cherry flavor---not cloying, but not hidden or overwhelmed by the sour. These kinds of beers are extremely difficult to pull off, and now that more and more breweries in the US are trying them, I'm aware of the pitfalls. This was a good kriek by international standards, though, not by my usual lowered-bar standards for American newbies trying to master the old art. Charlie and Matt have really distinguished themselves as two of the most innovative and accomplished brewers in the state. It's gotten to the point that whenever I see "Double Mountain" on the menu, it's the first beer I order.

Good work, men--