Odds and Ends

Random interesting tidbits from around the blogosphere.

1. Stan visited Terminal Gravity and was, of course, charmed.

2. Full Sail is releasing a new ESB, brewed originally by Barney Brennan, an assistant at the brewery. Because, you know, Full Sail doesn't have enough brewers. (This is good news--ESBs are great beers but far too rare in Oregon.)

3. Everybody's linking to this Floridian's list of "best beer names" (what's the first problem you see with that sentence?), containing in my view not very good names. (Two of his choices cause immediate suspicion about his nature: Dogfish Head Golden Shower and Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast Pooh Coffee.) But as a pub game, it's pretty fun.

4. Gruff Philadelphian Lew Bryson reviews Elysian Jasmine IPA (not their best beer) and snorts about its "jasmine hippy character" and concluding "what the hell?" Hippy? Maybe it's been awhile since Lew's been west. (When the glass house in which you reside serves a beloved local speciality featuring Cheez Whiz, you best not start hucking rocks.)

Tis all.