Bracketology - IPA Winners

I see there's a request to report on the winners of the IPA challenge refered to in the post below. Happy to do it, though all I can do is reprint what I found on the Hops and Barley blog. Add more if you have inside info in the comments below.
Biggest First Round Upset: #31 Weinhard's IPA over #2 India Pelican Ale. Weinhard's went on to the Elite 8 after upsetting #18 Pike IPA in the second round.

Other big first round upsets:
#10 Hop Ottin' lost to #23 Mongoose IPA; #27 Fish Tale IPA over #6 Titan IPA; #26 Dick's IPA over #7 Indica IPA; #24 Broken Halo over #9 Total Domination; #29 Thunderhead IPA over #4 Hop Devil.

In the second round, top seeded Stone IPA made it past Lagunitas IPA, and Broken Halo upset Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. Thunderhead's slipper no longer fit after loosing to #13 Mojo IPA, and #5 Seed Green Flash West Coast IPA cruised through a second round victory over #12 Avery IPA. As mentioned earlier, Weinhard's made it through to the Elite Eight, as did Dick's IPA.

The Final Four:
The first match-up of the Elite Eight yielded the second largest upset of the Challenge with #1 Stone IPA falling to Broken Halo! In the second match-up, Green Flash West Coast IPA had more mojo than Mojo IPA. On the other side of the bracket, Weinhard's IPA slipper fell off against Dick's IPA, and Big Sky IPA kept the momentum from their second round upset of Racer 5 by defeating Boss IPA.

And the winner is: Dick's IPA beat Big Sky, but Broken Halo ran the table with victories over Green Flash and Dick's in the final heads-up match.
I would love to see the actual brackets, but you can actually sense the drama in the write-up. Sounds like a fine time.