You Loves the Horse Brass

Big surprise.

I have now closed the poll, and with 105 votes in, the Horse Brass is the big winner. But the rest of the findings were less predictable. The next two pubs, which had only slightly less support, have opened in the past year or so. Some of the old standards didn't stack up as well. Below are the final results:
Horse Brass
Bailey's Taproom
Green Dragon
Concordia Ale House
Moon and Sixpence
Pilsner Room
Produce Row
The Henry
I guess I thought Produce Row would attract a little more attention, and possibly the Henry (though its upscale vibe and density of Pearlies puts it at odds culturally with the Lucky Lab types whom I assume occupy a large percent of this blog's readership). I'll reflect on my view of our best pubs at least by Saturday. I've been meaning to do it as a part of this series.

Thanks to all who voted--