Stumptown Tart

A coupla years back, BridgePort made a fairly respectable foray into Belgian style brewing with its golden Supris. However, though it was a nice beer, I think it must have been a flop. They tried to do some astroturf-y viral advertising, and promoted it heavily, but it may have been a little ahead of its time, flavor-wise. It vanished, never to be spoken of again.

I was therefore rather surprised to see John Foyston's short piece on their newest release, apparently a fruit-lambic style ale. Apparently they weren't too badly singed by the Supris experiment. I don't have any info, save what's available (in hyper capitalized syntax) on the website:
Stumptown Tart is more than just a pretty face. She's a strong beer with a pink hue who packs a tart kick... beauty has never been more potent. This Oregon Marion Berry Infused Belgian Style Ale is lightly hopped and aged in French Oak Pinot Noir Barrels. So, pucker up, there's a new lady in town.
Will it be a true lambic? Will it be sour enough to please the Cantillonistas? Will it crack Beervana open for Belgian-style ales? We'll have to wait until April 24 to find out. You can visit the brewery then at five for free samples (1313 NW Marshall).

(Incidentally, hat tip to Foyston, who wrote about this in Beer Notes. The Oregonian's webpage is now hopelessly impossible to navigate--or search. You might be able to read his column there, and good luck to you.)