More on Aging Beers

Speaking of decade-old beer, don't miss this:
Full Sail brewer John Harris just e-mailed (from Hawaii, where he's vacationing --- now that's dedication...) with the news that the folks at the Pilsner Room at McCormicks and Schmick's Harborside Restaurant are tapping a 10-year-old keg of Full Sail Imperial Stout for St. Patrick's should be amazing...they'll also have a keg of 2008 Imperial Stout on tap so you can do a steeeep vertical tasting.

Vertical Imperial Stout Tasting
Monday, Mar. 17th
Harborside Pilsner Room,
0309 S.W. Montgomery St
Also, in comments to the aging beer post below, Bill from It's Pub Night points me to this extraordinary site on cellaring beer. It includes tips, experiments, and of course, recommendations.