Mirror Pond Experiment

In a comment on the Brew Site, Deschutes owner Gary Fish elaborates on the Mirror Pond project (which I wrote about here):
While it is nice to have all the speculation, and our announcement does not give much background on why we are experimenting, I assure you we are not trying to "re-invent" anything, nor are we suffering any kind of crisis with Cascade hops. We found a creative formulation change that produced a Mirror Pond that tasted different; good but different. Is this a direction we should think about going (after all, it has already been pointed out, evolution is good.) or not? We never want to assume we are "good enough." In either event it is always nice, and fun, to ask those whose opinions we value the most, our customers. We have held these "polls" before at our pub and customers have gotten quite a kick out of it, and we got some valuable information.

I'm interested in your opinion as well. Be sure and let us know.
A rather remarkable comment, and I don't think I need to add anything. Gary actually leaves his email at the Brew Site, so I take him at his word that he does want feedback. Now's your chance--
Jeff AlworthComment