5,000 Readers in March - Thanks!

This little blog is growing, and it's all thanks to you. For the first time in its history, we've topped 5,000 readers in a month (and 7,000 page views). I say "we," because this really is a collaborative effort. I post, but you read and comment, and without that, there's no blog. Writing about beer is a little sideline for me, but one I enjoy enormously. Your continued support justifies my time, and for that I offer my appreciation.

By way of comparison, a year ago the site got 1,810 hits, or 58.4 a day (these are unique visitors, or unique IP hits, which is about the best we can do to measure actual readers). I should hit at least 5,150 by the end of the day, or an average of about 166 readers. That's 2.85 times more readers in just a year. Not bad!