Abyss Available Now!

So here's the skinny. Belmont Station got in 25 cases of Abyss this morning, but are already down five or so (12:41 pm). So there are 240 bottles left as I write this, and I wouldn't expect them to last through the weekend, or, honestly, through closing tomorrow. I'll call around and see where else they may have landed.

Go forth, and secure your three bottles!

[Update (12:45 pm): John's Market got some in as well, though they refused to divulge how much. The guy I spoke to speculated that it was enough to last until I got off work, if that tells you anything. They're at: 3535 Multinomah Blvd., Portland. (503) 244-2617.

Woodstock Wine and Deli (12:48 pm): no dice. They got some in, but it was instantly snapped up/spoken for.

New Seasons (1:53 pm): I have been in email contact with New Season's beer person--yes, such a person does indeed exist, and yes, she's a woman--who was promised delivery at their nine Portland stores. She's checking to see if the deliveries are in.

Later (3:27 pm). This just in from New Seasons: "It sounds as though all of our stores got their Abyss except our Concordia location. Some stores have some set aside for their loyal customers who’ve called in. We’re expecting it to be all gone by gametime Sunday."]