Another "Best Of" List

I suppose it's inevitable that these "best in the world" lists proliferate. Men love beer, and men love lists. And so you have lists of the beer men love. The newest comes from Beers of the World magazine (via Stan) and my do they love the Deschutes. American breweries generally did poorly, but Deschutes was listed as "best-of" in four of the 41 styles, and Full Sail picked up a nod as well:
Best Bitter - Deschutes Mirror Pond, 5%
Imperial IPA - Deschutes Hop Henge, 7%
Brown Ale - Deschutes Buzzsaw Brown, 4.8%
Export Stout - Deschutes Obsidian, 6.4%

Best Premium Lager - Full Sail Session Lager, 5.1%
But Deschutes did better than just winning 10% of the categories--Buzzsaw Brown and Obsidian were also bumped up to the 15 sub-category winners (as was FS Session), and Obsidian was named as one of the world's four best beers. Joining them were Budějovický Budvar Dark, Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted, and Grolsch Weizen. (Chalk one up for the good ol US of A and Holland, and ptthppfffd to Germany and Belgium, obvious brewing punks.)

These things are getting kind of silly. Beers of the World magazine, about which I know very little, is probably trying to stir up some attention. Bully for you boys. Now go back to the drawing board until you can figure a way to get Belgium into the top four.
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