Jackson Memento

When Michael Jackson visited Portland in 1998, he joined in as homebrew judge for the associated contest. I am not a huge homebrewer, and have only entered beer in two competitions (the two years NorWester held that competition--I actually judged in the second one). However, I had the very good fortune to have a batch of Belgian-style ale around, which I entered. Jackson, the Belgian lover, judged my beer. Below are a couple bad phone photos of the sheet, along with some of the text from the ballot.
  • Subcategory - Belgian Ale
  • Judge name - "M Jackson" (sort of visible in the blurry close-up)
  • Judge qualification - none checked, perhaps out of modesty
  • Aroma - He scored it 7 out of 12 possible points, writing, "Malty. Lightly spicy."
  • Appearance (2 out of 3). "Bright. Attractive reddish amber. Good head."
  • Flavor (12 of 20). "Starts well, vanishes somewhat in middle." (Very true; its central flaw.)
  • Mouthfeel (3 of 5). "On the light side for the style. (It's meant to be light, but not his light.)"
  • Overall impression (7 of 10). "Needs more complexity. More spicy yeast?"
Even by my own modest standards, it wasn't one of my best. It hardly matters, does it?