Oregon's Smallest Brewery?

I was in Corvallis on Friday and for the first time visited the Oregon Trail brewery. Or anyway took a gander at it from the Old World Deli. It occupies the space of a large closet (admittedly a tall one--rising two [three?] stories above its tiny footprint) in the corner of the sprawling restaurant.

The beer, though, was tasty. I had a pint of brown ale, which was a little stronger and a little hoppier than most styles you find--it was hearty and creamy and most satisfying. My friend had an IPA which I deemed delightful and in balance, but which he, after two-thrids of a pint, described as overly hoppy. I'll have to go back for another pint and do my own research.

They have several taps (five or six Oregon Trail beers were pouring) and the price is right. I was shocked to see that they have two-dollar happy hours, and I think my shaker pint was about $3.75. It's in downtown Corvallis, so stop in the next time you're passing through:
341 SW 2nd Street, Corvallis (inside the Old World Deli)
Try the brown!