OBF - Around the Blogosphere

You may wish to consult other beersters for tips and advice. Many of them are offering it. I notice these fine pieces:
  • Metroblogging has Ten Easy Steps to Enjoying the OBF. (Best tip: "Don't linger in the beer line - seriously - there is a huge amount of space in the area - it's not that hard to get back in line once your cup is finished. Don't crowd the lines while you're standing around drinking and socializing." Indeed--get outta my way!)
  • Jon at The Brew Site gives you a very detailed "what to take" list (But wet wipes? Isn't that what the grass is for?) He also gives you his beer picks.
  • Suds Sister has a guide to the Fest that rivals mine in length (which means I approve). She tapped the estimable Noel Blake for tips, and he offered this nice one, about Diamond Knot IPA, "They put Columbus hops *in the keg.*" Good enough for me.)
  • There's a beer blogger meetup at Belmont Station from 3-5pm on Sunday when "most of the OBF taps should be dry, anyway."
  • And finally, PDX Beer Blog has its picks. (All four of the preview sites agree: Flying Fish is a must try!) And despite its un-PC nature, I feel compelled to quote this passage in toto: "Horny dude alert: the best place to chill is near the taps for 21st Amendment Watermelon Wheat, Kona passion fruit wheat, and Raccoon Lodge Raspbery Wheat." So true. However, if you want to find the discerning women, skip over to the Pliny tap. It will separate the girls from the women.
That's all the news that's fit to link. Enjoy.