DeFazio, Homebrew, and a Meta Note

1. I just whipped up a batch of beer that may or may not be known as "Inja Belgique." It is a strong Belgian with Summit hops. Intention: hoppy like an IPA, but with the strength and appearance of a Belgian strong. The Summits, with their orangey notes, may or may not draw out the Belgian yeast. It's really blowing off this morning.

2. Speaking of homebrewing, Peter DeFazio may have a batch of IPA bubbling down the valley. He is not only a homebrewer, but co-chair of the new House Small Brewers Caucus:

The five Oregon members of the U.S. House of Representatives dominate the newly formed 34-member House Small Brewers Caucus, co-chaired by Democrat Peter DeFazio and Republican Greg Walden.

In the world of House caucuses, having co-chairs from the same state delegation is unusual, but, as Walden put it, "Yes, but if you have the best beer, you want the best co-chairs...."

DeFazio has an even stronger connection with the industry; he's a longtime home brewer himself.

"Summers I brew IPA (India Pale Ale)," he said. "And I brew English ales in the winter."

The only brewer on the small brewer caucus? That'd be cool.

3. Finally, I'm working on my long-planned Best Brewpubs in Portland post as a part of my Beervana travel guide. This may slow other posting, but behind the scenes, I'm a busy bee.