Good Site of Note

I try to keep up on the beer blogosphere. Really, I do. But I missed Stan Hieronymus's somehow. Stan is His Appellation Beer site has been around since November 2005, but it took a post on my "Beer Cred" post to alert me. Stan, for those who don't know, is a long-time journalist most well-known for his beer writing; he's currently the editor at He recently published Brew Like a Monk, which has received 8 customer reviews on Amazon, six of them five-stars. Obviously good stuff.

His site is apparently the hippest digitial pub in the beerosphere, because Stephen Beaumont and Lew Bryson hang out there. Or anyway, visited long enough to excoriate me for being a pinhead about working-class beer. (Probably nice guys, and they know a lot about beer; but they were wrong on this one.)

So, go visit, and go visit Lew and Stephen while you're at it. Meanwhile, I'll link 'em up in the ol' blogroll.