New Ratings!

I have decided to abandon my old rating system. Although I maintain the philosophical underpinning was sound, as a method of communication, it is perhaps inadequate. While I know what I mean when I say "average" or "excellent," apparently it's not a universal nomanclature. So instead I'm moving to the classic school-based, letter-grading system.
  • A ___ World class; a superlative example of the style or an exceptionally original beer.
  • B+ to A- __Technically flawless, just short of the kind of character that distinguishes it as as the best in its style or as a truly original beer.
  • C+ to B __A well-made beer that is a fairly common example of its style or a near miss on originality.
  • D+ to C __Nothing stands out; beer doesn't have off-flavors but fails to impress.
  • D- to D __Off-flavors mar the recipe.
  • F ___ Off-flavors so profound the beer is undrinkable
This gives me a little more leeway to distinguish within broad categories, and to distinguish the transcendentally sublime (A) from the merely extraordinary (A-).

[Note: This post has been updated to correct numerous embarrassing errors. See comments for further analysis and documentation of my crimes and misdemeanors.]