Your Favorite Portland-area Brewpubs?

I am slowly working my way through my "best of Beervana" posts, and next up is Portland brewpubs--arguably the most important post of the series. While Oregon is generally considered beer paradise, Portland is its capital, and when people come to town, they want world-class beer. Before I get too far into the post, though, I thought I'd do a reader poll--which are your faves?

The only way I can manage a "best" list is to break it down by category. Below are the brewpubs I was seriously considering in each category. Don't feel constrained by either the list or the categories, but do weigh in--which are the best?

Best Beer
  • Roots
  • Laurelwood
  • BJ's Jantzen Beach (seriously--Dan Pederson's a wizard)
  • New Old Lompoc
  • Rogue Flanders Street
  • Amnesia
  • Lucky Lab
  • Lompoc Fifth Quadrant
  • Mash Tun
  • Laurelwood
  • Widmer Gasthaus
  • BridgePort
  • Full Sail Pilsner Room
Keep in mind, I'll also do reviews of Portland pubs and Oregon brewpubs, so we'll catch some places that won't appear here.