Your Favorite McPubs

Based on the response to the post below, there's a lot of love for the McMenamins out there. Although I totally stand behind my picks of the "best" (especially for firist-timers to Portland), I recognize that this is an inexact science. Which are your faves and which would you recommend to visitors to the city?

Here's a list of some of the notables:

Barley Mill Pub
Blue Moon Tavern & Grill
Chapel Pub
Cornelius Pass Roadhouse
Fulton Pub & Brewery
Grand Lodge
Hotel Oregon
Kennedy School
McMenamins on the Columbia
The Old St. Francis Hotel
Ringlers Annex
Roseburg Station Pub & Brewery
St. Johns Theater & Pub
McMenamins Tavern & Pool
The Rams Head
White Eagle Saloon

And any love for the non-Portland outposts?
Dad Watsons (Seattle)
High Street Brewery & Café (Eugene)
North Bank (Eugene)
Six Arms (Seattle)
Thompson Brewery (Salem)
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