News From Hood River

Two bits of related news blew down the Gorge this weekend. First, the debut of Double Mountain Brewery, which opened its doors for the first time this weekend. For the moment, they're in transitional start-up mode, and are only open Thursday and Friday evenings and on the weekend (noon to close). I saw one early review, which gave high marks for the pub ("great-looking") and beer ("layered complexity"). Maybe someone else will weigh in with an early report.

They have two beers on tap, which owner Charlie Devereux describes promisingly as:
The first is a brown ale featuring Gambrinus organic pils malt and specialties from Simpson and Crisp. The second effort, codenamed "India Red Ale" (aka "The I.R.A.") combines a ruby red color with a generous charge of whole flower Simcoe and Brewers' Gold in the hopback. Both ales were fermented with a versatile ale strain from Belgium supplied by our friends up the valley at Wyeast Labs, and will be served unfiltered.

Basically we're looking to stretch the norm a bit and make some beers that true craft beer fanatics, i.e. you guys, will hopefully find interesting and unique. Hope you enjoy our 'work-in-progress'.
You can taste their beers at the Oaks Bottom Public House tomorrow (Wednesday)--when the very first kegs arrive in Portland.

Double Mountain Brewery and Taproom
8 Fourth Street
Hood River, Oregon

Oaks Bottom Public House
1621 S.E. Bybee Blvd
Portland, Oregon

Jamie Emmerson, the brewmaster at Full Sail (a block and a half from Double Mountain) also confirms that the remodel on the brewery's pub is running behind schedule. In the true spirit of the beer fraternity, he writes:
"So, instead of pushing too hard, and not wanting to steal Double Mountain ’s opening thunder (Charlie and Matt used to work for me, and I wish them all the best), we’re going to target a later opening date."
So don't zip up there expecting to do a double shot of the sister breweries. But do zip up there, and report back--