Extreme Brewing

While I'm pointing you to other fascinating corners of the blogosphere, you might skate over to the best-named blog on beerosphere ("Champagne of Blogs") and read about a brewing experiment at the headwaters of the Metolius River in Central Oregon. The experiment began with the river:
We drew all the water for the brew directly from the icy waters. It was crystal clear, having just emerged from its underground source, but we boiled it anyway, lest we end up brewing Giardia Pale Ale. As river-brewer Tom Petty once said, β€œthe wading is the hardest part.” Not only was it extremely cold, but the bottom of the river was covered in sharp rocks whose pain required a significant quantity of alcohol to ease.
It's quite a tale, replete with pictures. I have to say I'm unlikely to replicate the process, but I admire it. Go read the full story--

Picture: beer on the way back to Portland.
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