Your Guide to the 2017 Oregon Brewers Fest

There are 91 regular beers at this year's Oregon Brewers Festival and another ninety-odd in the specialty tent. How on earth will you navigate this surfeit of choice? By listening to the Beervana Podcast, of course, in which Patrick and I--Certified Beer Authorities*--give you the short list of the beers you'll love.**

We also use those 91 beers as a lens through which we glean important insights about the state of beer in 2017, so if you're nowhere near Oregon or have no plans to wallow with the horde down at Waterfront Park, there's still a reason to listen.

*Not a real thing.
**Ha, ha, just kidding. I have no idea which beers you'll love. Taste is entirely subjective, but the illusion of objectivity and authority is what animates all beer writing and podcasting, so please ignore this obvious truth and listen anyway.

Jeff AlworthOBF, OBF 2017