Book Week: Em Sauter's Beer is for Everyone!


Beer is for Everyone!
Em Sauter
One Peace Books, 200 pages, $18.95

  • What is it? A charming illustrated introduction to the beer culture of the United States.
  • Who's it for? Mostly people new to beer, though its clever visuals and humor has broad appeal.
  • Reviewer disclosure. I met author Em Sauter when we judged together in Washington DC earlier this year, and a couple months ago she gave me a tour of Two Roads Brewing in CT, where she's employed.

It seemed like demand in beer books crested about three years ago, but the supply is growing astronomically. Books for newbies dominate the category, and there are already a number out there that serve this need. Despite that, I hope people make some room on their bookshelf for Em Sauter's incredibly engaging and winsome new book. Usually new arrivals to the Alworth household end up on a stack awaiting the next book week, but just flipping through the pages was enough to thoroughly hook me. I sat down and read it cover-to-cover in one (short) sitting. I suspect anyone who picks it up will be similarly charmed. If you're looking for a stocking-stuffer for that beery type on your list, this is an easy winner.

I don't think I need to do more than show you a few photos to make the case, so let me show you what I mean...

The book is structured by beer flavor type, and Em reviews standouts in each category. They're lighthearted but sneakily informative.

The visual structure allows Em to describe beer in a novel way.

She takes advantage of place in a novel way, too. I thought this was hysterical.

There's a subtle way in which a woman's eye shifts the script, which adds to the pleasure and makes you (or me, anyway) think a bit more.

The local color is fantastic. If you're not a Wisconsinite, you may not get the cheese curd reference--but everyone in Badgerland is going to love this panel.

Jeff Alworth