All the Podcasts

I do podcasts. One (ir)regularly, one occasionally and one, which dropped this weekend, a single time. First up, The Four Top, a year-old Oregon Public Broadcasting pod about food and beverage. (Guess what they call me in to discuss?) It's hosted by wine writer Katherine Cole and last year won a Beard award. You can hear my latest appearance below. In a few weeks, I'll post a link to another show we did entirely on cider.

Next is a conversation Bryan Roth conducted with business reporter Jason Notte and me for Good Beer Hunting. I don't seem to be able to embed the audio here, but if you click on this hot hot link, it will take you to the show.

Needless to say, both the studio-recorded and -mixed OPB show and Bryan's featured far more professional attention and care. But if you want a podcast that flies entirely on "charisma," I give you our own Beervana Podcast. This episode, Patrick and I run through some of the smaller items we've been collecting. We also consider and do a tasting of autumnal beers. As a teaser for next episode's mailbag, feel free to weigh in on this: when the cool fall weather arrives, what beers do you drink? What counts as "autumnal" in your beer calendar. We offer four of our faves.

I have also recorded a discussion of The Secrets of Master Brewers with the illustrious Drew Beechum, who apparently does an insane amount of editing and post-production tinkering. ("Post-production?"--what is this step of which people speak? We know nothing of it.) I'll post a link to that when it drops. Happy listening--

Jeff Alworth